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NSYNC No Strings Attached - Graffiti Package
By RaseOne, featuring artwork from FTA.

The job was to provide an array of pieces & backgrounds for the set design .

NSYNC Project - 1998 - Multimedia Artwork for stage design
This piece was created to fill the archway underneath a bridge on the set. The intent was to print this art onto a curtain of some kind which could be drawn open to reveal a video screen.
This on was created for use as a giant current which would be a backdrop for the entire stage. It was to be recreated by seemstresses so that the black would be transparent, the white would be solid material and the grey would be net. This one would also partially conceal a giant video screen.
This is an early comp of the set design by Jim Day. Various flicks were going to be flashed along with other material on the two screens.
The poles in this one feature art from Gas, Gaze, Shae and myself.
Here is a preview of the large curtain durring one of the planned special effects.
Another view featuring the Giant video screen.
This is an alternate possibility which uses the nsync piece as a border only on the two curtains.
Another preview of the large curtain.
This is the basic nsync piece used for what it is, graffiti.
Heres a better view of the poles which were wrapped in burners from the FTA crew.
Hers the original NSYNC piece. It was created for raw material and form.