Welcome to our new Graffiti Fonts section

This section of our site is dedicated entirely to the official Graffiti Fonts collection first launched here on this site in 1999. The collection has continued to expand & develop to this day and now includes over 100 exclusive graffiti fonts as well as hundreds of other authentic graffiti style typefaces.

Our Graffiti Fonts work with any Mac , PC, or Linux computer as well as on Iphones, Ipads, Android devices or any other sytem that uses TrueType, OpenType or PostScript fonts. Our Fonts work with any popular design, web or office application including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Painter, Freehand, Inkscape, Gimp, Maya & virtually any other application. All of our material is available for royalty free commercial use with purchase of any of our CD or DVD collections or individual fonts, illustrations or other items.

We created our first graffiti fonts between 1999 & 2002 then working with other developers we collected & debugged virtually every other graffiti font in the world. Our Graffiti Fonts™ collection was first released on CDROM in 2002 & features many fonts that are not available anywhere else including advanced versions and additional formats of old favorites.

On this site you will find many free graffiti font downloads, exclusive commercial graffiti fonts and font collections on CDROM. You can also browse our sample art gallery to see what people have done with our fonts in the past or get access to tons of real graffiti art. Our links page can lead you to more fonts, other Hip-Hop sites and other sites run by Highground.

Graffiti Fonts 4 DVDROM

Graffiti Fonts 1.6 CDROM

Graffiti Fonts CDROM -Level 1

Graffiti Fonts 2.0

Graffiti Fonts CDROM - Level 2
Graffiti fonts 2.0 CDROM

Graffiti Fonts™ 3.1 CDROM
• Over 50 Graffiti Fonts in all!
• 30+ Highground exclusive fonts
• 5 advanced design applications
• Over 100 stock images & photos
• 26 page printed instruction book
All fonts in Mac, PC & OpenType
• $50 off for all owners of GF 2.0

(worldwide shipping is free)
Graffiti Fonts CDROM - Level 3

Full Time Artists - Download Section - Graffiti Fonts®

burner graffiti font
Burner - 5 Font Family
new english graffiti font
New English Font
street artist graffiti font
Street Artist - 4 font family
wildstyle graffiti font
WildStyle - 4 font family
paint cans graffiti fonts
Paint Cans Font
fresh paint graffiti font
Fresh Paint Font
scraper graffiti font
Scraper Font
backspin graffiti font
Scraper Font
cali cholo graffiti font
Cali Cholo Font
califas graffiti font
Califas Font
ruckus graffiti font
Ruckus Font
wild basic graffiti font
WildStyle Basics Font
tough guy graffiti font
ToughGuy - 7 Font Family
stencil damaged graffiti font
Stencil - 2 Font Family
skinart tattoo font
Skin Art- 2 Font Family
Raseone graffiti font
RaseOne Font
raseone font family
RaseOne 4 Font Family

Wildstyle - 5 Font Family
dafunk graffiti font
Dafunk Font
fatcap graffiti font
FatCap Font
human rase graffiti font
Human Rase Font
paint cans graffiti font
PaintCans Font
pilot rase graffiti font
Pilot Rase Font
rase basic graffiti font
Rase Basic Font
rase tribals graffiti font
Rase Tribals Font
rase gpl graffiti font
Rase GPL 3 Font Family
scrawler graffiti font
Scrawler Font
same gang graffiti font
Same Gang Font
rapscrip graffiti font
UniWide / RapScript Fonts
new digital graffiti font
New Digital - 3 Font Family