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Many of the worlds first graffiti style typefaces were created by Raseone & other members of FTA circa 1999 - 2001. Since then we have maintained the worlds largest and most comprehensive collection of graffiti style fonts. In addition to our own fonts we have curated a collection featuring virtually every other graffiti style font on earth.

We maintain a website dedicated entirely to this collection at however we also feature a portion of the collection here on the fta site for free download
. We also make our full commercial offering available here for purchase.

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Title: Subway : 1 Typeface : TTF, OTF & PostScript available
Author: Johan Waldenstrom : NA
Title Illustration
Subway : 1 Typeface Subway is a handmade tag style as written with a dull permanent marker. The letters are all lowercase. Subway is one of the earliest graffiti style fonts. It is very simple but easily identifiable as a tag style.
This is an exclusive, upgraded version of the Subway font. This better version preserves all of the original style & glyphs. We have enhanced the font for better performance, a fuller character set & better compatibility on any computer system. We have made this typeface available in multiple formats for your convenience. This exclusive version is available for royalty free, commercial use. These files may not be redistributed or offered for download on any other websites.

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