Custom Album Covers

FTA & Highground Industries have been working with musicians, labels & distributors since the mid 90s to create Album covers for CDs, tapes, records & digital distribution. We often provide custom text & other hand drawn artwork as well as original photography, stock images and other assets to create these packages.

The array of items created for an individual album often includes not only the album cover but also fliers, posters, web banners & ads, official logos & even websites. Our artists can develop graphics for any type of packaging for any media. If you have photography, artwork or other assets you want to use we are happy to accept hardcopies as welll as nearly any digital file format.

In this section you can view a selection of album cover packages developed by FTA for our Highground label and for various clients from 1993 to the present day. You can see more examples of hand-made album covers & labels in our Pre-Digital Portfolio. The works in that section were created mostly between 1993 & 2000 sometimes for large projects & sometimes for very limited edition tapes & records etc..

Clients past & present.

THQ, Kaos Studios, Midway, Warner Bros., Jive Records, Definitive Studios, Photobucket, Yvent Networks, Streetlow Magazine, The Source Magazine, Clout Magazine, Sacred Hoop, Isolated Wax, ACN Machining, PMC Services, Highground Industries, ATAK Distribution, Outline Clothiing, Dafunk Music, Toy Godd, Biggo Music, Triangulum Productions, Gator Home Tech, Boston Hammer, Pure Adrenaline, Clothing, Magnus Clothing, 8 Strikes, RS Hydraulics, Below the Surface, Funk Lab, Cypress Granite, Cali Cruzer, Maia Sherrill, Keak Da Sneak, Lowrider Scene, Sport Line Racing, Sleeved Streetwear

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