Welcome to our Graffiti Blackbook section

This collection of original artwork was gathered from our personal collection of blackbooks. The work shown here was done by various members of our crew as well as by writers from San Jose, SF, & around the country that we met over the years. Pieces from 1991 until today are shown here for the first time.

These books are often lost, destroyed, confiscated or even stolen. We have definitely lost a lot of art to all of those factors but we have also managed to preserve a lot . Over time we will continue to add both new artwork and classic work from our history.

These hardcover sketchbooks are a tradition with graffiti artists that goes back to the beginning. They are traditionally filled with pen & ink work created using permanent markers, pencil, rapidographs (inkers), paint pens, etc. however a variety of other media are also comonly used like: colored pencils, paints, airbrush, stenciling, stickers, & even spray paint.

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