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The Highground Discography page was created to provide a referrence for the many albums and projects that Highground has been involved with but are no longer for sale. Dozens of albums are allready featured and we are working to add many more to this section.

Complete Discography - Highground Industries / FTA 1995 - 2011

This page contains the front cover and description for all official Highground releases from the first to the latest. you can also find some of the albums that FTA members and affiliates have been featured on. This Web-page is intended as a historical refference. Artists and affiliates featured on this page are not necessarily still associated with Highground or Full Time Artists. Most of this music is out of print & highground cannot provide copies.

Four Track Anthems - FTA - 1995-1997

Recorded in 1995-97 this album features: Pilot Rase, Megabusive, Young Joseph, and a wide variety of other Bay area artists. This 90 min. tape consists of 30 songs recorded primarily in a moterhome on a porta 03 four track. This is, with out a doubt the dirtiest recording ever released.

This tape is out of print.

Rap,Buy:Products - FTA - 1997-1998

Recorded in 1997-98 this album was recorded by about the same cast of characters. like its predicessor this tape features a loud hissing sound and several classic songs. In all it is 60 min. long and containes 20 songs. This is some on the spot four track music.

This tape is out of print.

New Master - FTA - 1998

Recorded in 1998. This album takes the form of a compilation which features: Dick Jones, Pilot Rase, Megabusive, Joe Dubbs, Luke Sick, Smash Adams, DJ Mars, and more. The B-side of this tape is made up of instrumentals created by Dick Jones and Pilot Rase. 60 min. long and 24 tracks in all.

This tape is out of print.

Moe's Strange Hobby - Sacred Hoop / FTA 1998

This 46 min. cassette was filled in the space of 3 days in early 98 by Luke Sick and Vrse Mrphy of Sacred hoop, Pilot Rase, Megabusive, and Smash Adams of F.T.A and Joe Dubbs of SanFranciscoStreetMusic. All the beats were created by Vrse Mrphy and most of the lyrics were stolen from future F.T.A. and Sacred Hoop releases.

This tape is out of print.

Threatening Myself - Pilot Rase +featured artists 1999

Recorded in 1997-1998 and released in 1999 by the newly formed Highground. The album is 15 tracks in length, recorded mostly on a four-track.Production was provided by Dick Jones, Pilot Rase, and Triangulum. There are 4 Instrumentals, 1 acapella, 2 interludes, and 9 full songs.

The list of featured artists includes: Gass one, Smash Adams, Triangulum, Joe Dub, Neila, Sidus Ideom, Unbreakable Comb and more.

Feed Them Art - FTA + featured artists 1999

This is a cooperative project. 18 tracks in length, a lot of obscure material. Like the original FTA tapes this is not a crisp and clean studio album. This ones for the underground heads.

Created in 1998-99 by Highground the list of featured artistsincludes: Pilot Rase, Dick Jones, Gass, Triangulum, Joe Dub, Smash Adams, Sidus Idiom, Megabusive and more.

Record Players - Record Players - 1999

6 tracks, 24 min. in length, These songs were Recorded in 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona by Joe Dubbs, Neila and Brandon B (supermarket). All of the beats were created by Dick Jones and Pilot Rase. This is a small collection of songs but thats the way we wanted it. One of the six tracks is a long lost Joe Dubbs song produced by Dick Jones and recorded in early 1997.

This tape is now out of print.

Paraphernalia - Triangulum + featured artists 2000

From the mastermind behind San Jo Scripts comes Paraphernalia, Triangulums solo debut. 23 tracks thick with interludes from beats that never were. Triangulum allways comes with somthing different. He produces virtually all of his own music as well as that of many others. The Style of the music is raw and the beats are hard. Nobody raps like Triangulum.

Summer Fling - Young Joseph (Joe Dub) 2000

Joe Dubb of San Francisco Street Music and the ever famous Westcoast Workforce releases his latest classic. Summer Fling is 22 tracks of pure beats and rhymes. The production, which was provided by AC75, Deeskee, Da Golden Ray, No Thang OG and Young Joseph, is no joke. Young Josephs widely respected rhyme style is supported on this project by the likes of Liferexall and Exist of Shapeshifters, Subtitle, Deeskee, Maleko, Tommy V (Imprints), Logic, EVS, and Pilot Rase of FTA.

Highground A-Sides - Highground 2001

This CD features songs from several Highground projects such as Summer Fling, Paraphernalia, San Jo Scripts, Threatening Myself, Feed Them Art and more plus a few new, unreleased tracks from Pilot Rase and mr.AZ . 17 tracks in all, full color packaging.

Sensate St. - Sensate St. 2001

From the creator of "97-98 Archive Files", Elee Uno presents Sensate St. combining old school ethics and new school inovation to form a raw and refreshing underground masterpiece. With a wide variety of styles and sounds, the album is 13 tracks in length, digitaly recorded and mastered. Sensate St. features Bay Area underground veterans Megabusive, Joe Dubs, and Mzr Axeom of Epicenter Broadcast w/ production by AC75, Philthy, Tape Mastah Steph, Megabusive, Mr. Aeks, KERO, G the Rippah.

Nocturnal Journals - Maleko + featured artists 2001

This is the second solo project from Maleko (of Araknophobix and Abnormal). The album features Tommy V, Administer, WD40, Confusious, Agile, Joe Dub, IAN, Da Golden Ray, Space Ranger, and Pilot Rase. 10 tracks total, produced entirely by Joe Dub.

Paint - Rase - 1997

Paint is a thirty minute beat tape. composed in 1997 by Dick Jones and Pilot Rase. These beats were made using a ds8 sampler and a Porta03 fourtrack as well as a couple drums, an aucoustic guitar and some metal things. the sound quality is terrible but the beats are dope. This may also be the dirtiest tape in the world.

This tape is now out of print.

Searching for Pranja - Neila, the 96 - 2000 years

This collection of 16 tracks was gathered in 2001 and has just been released for the first time by Highground Industries. Most of the tracks have been remastered. This album is available on CDR and cassette and it features Young Joseph, Drunken Imortals, Jimi The Mantis Claw, Rhettoric,Tommy V, Type-O, Knows, Brad, Buk Naked, Jizzim, Brandon B, Fluid, and Ruski.

An American original - Rase - 1998

This was a cassette single, 3 songs and two instrumentals from the then upcoming "Threatening Myself" project. 12 minutes in length.

This tape is now out of print.

Back to Baysiks - Joe Dub - 2001

A sixty Minute Beat tape Produced by Joe Dub, relesed by Highground in 2001.

This tape is now out of print.

Starting Early - Neila 1999

14 tracks from 2000 featuring Mr. Zollo, Baby Blue Eyes, Administer, Maleko, Tommy V, Radioinactive, Subtitle, Anisa, Jundax, JOe Dub, Kavet the Catalyst, Ija, Blam, Digest The entire album is produced by Joe Dub. This album is available on cassette only.

This tape is now out of print.

How to Beat the Beat 01 - Subtitle 1998

This is one of L.a. (Project Blowed) emcee Subtitles many albums. It is 60 min. long and 13 tracks in all . Subtitle is a part of the West Coast Workforce and the Invisible Enemy. This is the Highground re-release of How to Beat the Beat 01, the songs are the same as the first version. Only the cover has changed.

This tape is now out of print.

Noise Pollution - Young Joseph (Joe Dub) 1999

Recorded in 99, 22 tracks, 60 min. long. All the songs are tight and the quality is good.The beats on this album were created by Joseph and Alex 75 in classic street music tradition and the entire project was recorded on a four track. All the songs are tight and a number of west coast favorites pop up throughout the album including Circus of Shapeshifters, Abstract Rude, Brandon B, Neila, Tommy V, Rich (MSC) and King Nut.

This tape is now out of print.

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